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Jakes Gerwel Fellowship
I was nominated, what now?2022-02-19T16:17:09+00:00

Congratulations on the nomination! Proceed by completing the Eligibility Quiz to check whether you’re eligible to apply. If you are eligible, you will be directed to the online application form.

I am currently taking a gap year and I was wondering if it is possible to still apply for the Fellowship?2022-02-19T16:17:32+00:00

Please check whether you are eligible to apply to the Fellowship by completing the Eligibility Quiz. That will give you an indication of whether you can apply.

I have applied for PGCE at several universities and I would like to ask how do I apply for a bursary?2022-02-19T16:17:50+00:00

JGF offers a scholarship for PGCE studies at our partner universities – UP, UCT, UJ, Wits and UWC. You must have applied at either of these institutions in order to be eligible for the Fellowship. You must also apply to the Fellowship during the application season which is typically from March to July of every year.

When can we expect to hear from the programme on the outcome of application?2022-02-19T16:18:09+00:00

As soon as applications close and we have reviewed the submissions, we then notify you by email and/or phone call about telephonic interviews if you are successful at that stage. Upon shortlisting, that is followed by an invitation to the Selection Camp. If after Selection Camp you are selected, we send you communication to let you know and then onboard you to the Fellowship. 

I would like to find out more about the bursaries offered through the Jakes Gerwel Fellowship, are these bursaries just for undergraduate degrees or would it also assist students who would like to complete a NQF level 4 Early Childhood Development Occupational Certificate?2022-02-19T16:18:28+00:00

The Jakes Gerwel Fellowship funds studies for a qualification to become a high school teacher. Unfortunately, with an ECD Certificate, you would not be eligible for the Fellowship.

I am passionate about teaching, but I am not South African, can I apply?2022-02-23T10:33:19+00:00

To be eligible for application you must be a South African Citizenship OR a South African permanent resident with an SA ID number.

Are there any requirements for my engagement with the fellowship once I get selected?2022-02-23T10:33:37+00:00

Yes, Candidate Fellows receive extensive mentoring from expert teachers, experiential learning opportunities, as well as academic, personal and leadership development which are a compulsory component of the Fellowship.

I have been working since completing my undergraduate degree, can I apply for the Graduate Teaching Fellowship?2022-02-23T10:33:57+00:00

Applicants need to have the intention to study for a PGCE and need to be under 30 years of age at the time of application closing date.

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