The Jakes Gerwel Fellowship (JGF) has been selected to present its selection methodology at the esteemed T4 World Education Week (WEW) conference from October 3 to October 8 2021.

The organisation which promotes teachers and teaching , also offers a full university scholarship. The JGF’s mission is to nurture the best learners to become expert teachers.

The JGF has been selected as one of 20 organisations from across the globe to share expertise at the WEW conference, the prestige of which is growing. JGF’s expertise is centred around one of the world’s most innovative selection strategies for teachers, and has been lauded by numerous institutions. It is honoured to partner with WEW, one of the largest international, online education gatherings.

The WEW conference’s mission is to help create an environment in which the United Nations (SDG4) on quality education, can be achieved. The conference provides a virtual platform for teachers from more than 100 schools around the world, to collectively work towards promoting inclusive and equitable education.

SDG 4 is focused on establishing quality education across the world. It is one of the 16 SDG which were established by the United Nations (UN) in September 2015.

SDG4’s full title as defined by the UN is: “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong opportunities for all.”

Six South African schools will take part at the conference, including Apex High School, Athwood Primary School, Berghof Primary School, Eversdal Primary School, Jupiter Street Primary School and Nova Pioneer School North Riding. They will fly South Africa’s flag high showing the quality of schools in diverse communities.

The JGF’s work will be celebrated among the finest education minds from an array of countries. It will show how teaching must not be seen as a career which is pursued as a last option, but rather as an inspiring and fulfilling career for the most talented and passionate learners across schools.

The JGF uses an innovative selection process which has been profiled at a local and an international level. The organisation was also a runner up in the 2021 Nedbank Private Wealth Innovation Awards in both the innovation and technology categories.

The JGF wants to overcome numerous historical gaps in the development of South Africa’s education system, playing an integral role in the future of the country and its people.

The Fellowship will show that SDG 4 is attainable, even in South Africa’s unequal society.

This country has a young population, which, with the correct guidance, development and teaching, can create a bright future for its citizens.

To register to attend the JGF session on selecting the teachers at 13:00 on October 7 at the World Education Week conference, please visit: http://worldeduweek.org/event/jakes-gerwel-fellowship/

The Jakes Gerwel Fellowship network are encouraged to attend.